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Small Town Baseball Criteria

"Age cut off is age of the player on April 30th,

This is common sense baseball,. We encourage 3 things, "Hit the ball, throw the ball, catch the ball! 

  1. All schools must have 700 or less "high school" enrollment  (9th thru 12th grade)
  2. We allow "middle schools" to enter if they are under 700 and all team members are from that same middle school (2016 will be the last year for this. Starting in 2017 it will be based solely on high school enrollment)
  3. All players must attend same school disrtict (if open enrolled must have paper work)
  4. All players must have school ID (example: report card) to prove that they attend that school and birth certificate to prove there age
  5. A coach may ask for proof of player in the following way. (1) head coach only must ask tournament director to check player (2) Program director will ask coach of team player is on to provide his proof (school ID, and proof of age) (3) Player must accompany coach so tournament director may ask player questions  (Remember player must be able to prove who they are) (4) this will only take place when particular player and team are "NOT" playing. No game will be held up or stoped to check player (5) IF PLAYER IS DETERMAINED TO BE INELIGABLE HIS ENTIRE TEAM WILL BE DISQUALIFIED FROM ENTIRE TOURNAMENT SO DON'T TRY TO CHEAT!!
  6. All teams must preregister on line by the deadline stated for that specific tournament (same day registrations will not be excepted)
  7. There are no official rosters for Small Town baseball players can play in only regionals or state or World Series or all three, they must just meet the guide lines and can/will be checked at all tournaments.
  8. 15 players Maxium per team, there is no minimum.
  9. All teams must enter a regional (if state has that) and qualify for the state tournament.
  10. Teams must play in the state tournament in the state they are from. If your state does not have a Small Town Baseball state tournament you may enter in another state. (If you qualify for the Small Town baseball "World Series" you may not enter your team in another state
  11. There are no protests! Umpires decision is final
  12. There will be no unsportsman like conduct tolarated what so ever, player, coach, fan or entire team will be removed from the park and entire tournament with no refund for any reason.
  13. There will be no refunds for any reason once you have paid to play in the state tournament or World Series. (Including cancelation due to inclimate weather) This tournament is very expensive to put on and we will do our very best to play. Make sure before you sign up you are comitted to playing! This tournament will fill up quite easily so please don't take a spot from another team if you are not sure if you can play. Once again NO REFUNDS!!!